• VIPs have now have 400HP (instead of 200HP) (currently bugged, showing 144HP, and then one life runs out 255HP, due to HP being stored in 1 byte)
  • VIPs lose 1HP for each teammate that dies.
  • VIPs no longer gain health from Health Packs / Bandage Bandages
  • If a VIP dies from being AFK or leaves the room/game, the round will no longer end, but instead another players on the team will become VIP (with the same health as previous VIP). /mort still ends the game.
  • Bandages bug fixed (VIPs touching them would have their health reset to 40hp if above 40hp)
  • Perks now have (official) names listed in the Armory.
  • The bug preventing the "Killed VIPs" stat from updating correctly has been fixed.

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