• New Guns added
  • New Perk added
  • Some perk images updated (earlier the same day, before update)
  • Void is now solid
  • Weapon 1s no longer use unlimited magazines / reloads. (Weapon 2s remain unchanged)
  • Upon death players drop:
    • Clip Clips/Magazines (randomly, extra 2 if using the magazine perk)
    • Bandage Bandages (randomly, with an extra 2 when player is using health pack)
  • C4 / mines now use an explosion effect on detonation.
  • C4 / mine damage lowered
  • Profile updated / operational - now shows stats
  • Perks on screen now have team colors.
  • The player list now shows team colors.
  • Messages now appear above a player's head as well as in chat.
  • Clicking on screen now changes who you "follow" after you're dead.
  • It now takes longer to capture flags (increments by 2% now rather than 5%, and thus takes 2.5x longer to capture)
  • Defense given when crouching by snipers is lowered from the normal 40% to only 10%.
    • Despite the official update claiming this, never actually implemented.
  • Spas damage / ammo increased (from 3/4 to 4/6, respectively).
  • Sniper clip increased to 8.
  • Friend / tribe interfaces now include a background image.

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