Uzi (W2)Cost200 PotatoRelease Date19 March 2014Uzi
Ammo35 AmmoDamage1Reload1.5 seconds
Fire Rate14.3 ShotsPerSecondPrecision80%DPS (short)14.3AutomaticYesScopeNo
DPS (long)8.9DWDPS (long)8DWDPS (short)12.940 Damage4.16sRDPC35

The Uzi is a unique secondary weapon due to its firing speed, relatively large clip, and automatic firing. While it's accuracy and damage count may not be that high, it main use is often for digging, so these may not matter as much as one would think. Because many primary weapons shoot slow and have a low clip, as well as all primary weapon's having limited ammo, the Uzi is a great secondary as it allows you to quickly get some shots in if needed, as well as dig your way through the map / out of conj without wasting a lot of time / clips.

The biggest downside to the Uzi is that once your primary weapons runs out of clips, it is now your only available weapon. In terms of weapons statistics (such as DPS, damage per clip, and time to deal 40 damage), it is worst weapon to use for damage is nearly every way, and will rarely win in a stand-off shooting match without using conj, perks, or moving around. I should still not be under-estimated when in the hands of a competent player, especially due to it's firing speed.

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