UMP 45 (W1)Cost150 PotatoRelease Date6 August 2014UMP 45
Ammo18 AmmoDamage2Reload1 seconds
Fire Rate14.3 ShotsPerSecondPrecision80%DPS (short)28.6AutomaticYesScopeNo
DPS (long)15.9DWDPS (long)14.3DWDPS (short)25.740 Damage2.26sRDPC36
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The UMP 45 is an extremely fast hitting gun with decent damage and precision, but a very low clip for such a fast weapon. Although having the worst damage per clip of the primary weaponry, it has the greatest damage per second at a distance in the game, making it extremely viable for medium to long range battles. Its lack of a scope makes gauging distances very difficult, however the player may use the bullets of other players to gauge whether they will be able to hit their opponent. The player should equip an Ammunitions Perk or kill themselves by entering the Void in order to reload.

The UMP 45 has both the highest Short and the highest Long DWDPS's of any gun in the game.

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