Steyr Aug (W1)Cost150 PotatoRelease Date6 August 2014Steyr Aug
Ammo20 AmmoDamage4Reload3 seconds
Fire Rate4.54 ShotsPerSecondPrecision90%DPS (short)18.2AutomaticYesScopeYes
DPS (long)10.8DWDPS (long)10.8DWDPS (short)18.240 Damage1.98sDPC80

The Steyr Aug is a higher-hitting medium damage gun, with lower-firing medium fire rate. The Aug has high practicality due to its low rate of fire allowing it to be used as an automatic and semi-automatic weapon. Each bullet has a moderately high value due to the Aug having a fairly small clip size of 20 rounds; however its high damage per clip makes it extremely useful for dealing out large amounts of damage to a large group of enemies. The Aug may also be used in a sparing manner similar to that of an M40 A5, dealing significant amounts of damage in increments when the player is positioned in a safe perch away from other players. Its moderately high accuracy makes it a safe choice when fighting distance battles against large groups of enemy players.

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