This is a state in which the user is restricted in their movements. It is the 20 frame (or 0.333 second gap) instantaneously after a weapon is fired. When in this state, the following properties apply:

  • The player cannot move left or right, even in midair
  • The player cannot crouch
  • The player is completely vulnerable (crouch damage is impossible to apply in this state)

There is no known way to eliminate recoil.

To counter recoil, there are some options available, such as:

  • Jumping. Strafe jumping is possible in this state (jumping repeatedly in place to reduce the likelihood of being hit with return fire)
  • Buffering. See Conj Defense.
  • Propulsion by Conjuration. This is an extremely difficult technique to master that allows the player to quickly move left and right even in the recoil state.

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