Point Zero is a single pixel located in the top left corner of the map, corresponding to the coordinates (0,0) in the two dimensions x and y. It can also be referred to as the default point on every map; as objects, projectiles and players with unassigned horizontal and vertical coordinates will automatically default to this point on the map.

Point Zero can be attributed to many common (and uncommon) glitches in the game's script. Some of these glitches include:

  • Physics engine failure - this is where the game fails to assign physics to your player, and you are either unable to re-spawn or are unable to move from the stuck position. Prior to version V1.23 of the game, a player would sometimes end up spawning in Point Zero and unable to move. There is no other way to fix this glitch except to re-download the game by refreshing the webpage or standalone version.
  • Long-distance conjuration - this is where a player spawns conjuration with no assigned coordinates. This can happen if the player is holding the conjuration button whilst the victory/defeat screen appears, or if a player summons conjuration by dragging the mouse's cursor from the Void into playable space. The occurrence of this glitch is accompanied by a loud noise as all of your conjuration is spawned on the same frame. It is seen as a series of conjuration lines appearing from Point Zero that sometimes appears even if a player has not travelled into that area.
  • Glitching - a player that clips into a wall through glitching is almost always sent in the opposite direction of Point Zero, most likely because of the game's attempts to randomly assign a set of coordinates as far away from the top left corner of the map as possible without violating its own physics. This is impossible to prove, however, as walls do not exist above or to the left of Point Zero.
  • Harmless, piercing bullets - this is where a player left clicks the exact point where the bullet's trajectory starts from any weapon. The result is a stream of bullets travelling to the right that can travel through walls, but cannot be exploited to unfairly kill players as the bullets are completely harmless. Although the bullets appear to exist, they have no assigned direction, coordinates or damage value and have most likely been "absorbed" into Point Zero.

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