P90 (W1)Cost150 PotatoRelease Date6 August 2014P90
Ammo50 AmmoDamage1.6Reload2 seconds
Fire Rate12.5 ShotsPerSecondPrecision80%DPS (short)20AutomaticYesScopeYes
DPS (long)13.3DWDPS (long)12DWDPS (short)1840 Damage1.92sDPC80

The P90 is a fast firing gun with a high clip size and with decent aim. It's a good choice for players who like the Famas but want a larger clip. It is a very popular gun due to very low reload and high fire rate, so it may be the best primary weapon to pierce through enemy lines without much loss of HP, and, obviously, time. It is also an excellent digging weapon, better than the Uzi, and can be used as the player's digging weapon while the secondary weapon is substituted as the main damage dealer. Its moderate accuracy is just good enough to remain viable even at long distances.

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