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  • If you spawn on the right, it is fairly common for at least one person on the left to dig down right under their spawn. If their's 2+ people doing this, they often leave bombs at the bottom, as well as tunneling to the right, often blocking the tunnel behind them with conj. If you've been to their spawn and see evidence of people tunneling down (or someone said so on chat), one way to face this problem is to go down to the lowest point at the middle of the map, and start digging left/down. Often you will catch them by surprise and will often be able to take at least one out, and possibly give any teammates following them down the left side time to catch up.


  • If you spawn on the right, keep in mind that it takes you a lot longer to dig through the tree than the other team. However this is also a good thing, as the tree also doubles as a natural shield with no quick way through. Just remember to look out for people digging through near the top.

Key LocationsEdit

Map 1311
[hover to zoom in]


  • Version 1.16 changed this from a VIP map to a domination map. Spawn locations remain the same.

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