Map 11 was significantly altered or removed after Version 1.16 on 20 May 2014. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Fortoresse.

The Whale map was removed 20 May 2014, during the update that introduced perks to the game.

It had the spawn point of the attacking team on the top left (on the left size of the first iceberg that juts out in the background), and the defending team's spawn was the top middle, in the middle of the 2nd icebergs thats juts out from the background. The flag was around the whale's chest.

After the first flag was captured, the attacking spawn would move to where the defending team's spawn was, and the defending team's spawn would move to the right, about where the 3rd iceberg juts out in the background. The 2nd flag appeared near the octopus's head.


While the reason for it's removal is unknown, the map was often considered very unfair, as the first flag was very hard to defend, with the 2nd flag almost impossible to defend unless someone thought ahead and created a tunnel from where the 2nd defending spawn point would appear to where the 2nd flag would appear, which caused many unexperienced defending teams to quickly fail. It was also very quick for the attacking team to go from the first flag to the 2nd. The right side of the map was rarely used (other than by people who wasted time tunneling around), causing most of the map to be fairly unused. In short, this map involved a lot of previous knowledge to defend with any chance of success.

Based on it's date of removal, it could have also been removed due to it's similarity to Map 19, with both maps being comprised mostly of blocks, with only a little room above, with the main difference being that Map 19 was a VIP map, while this map was a flag map. It's also possible it was removed in anticipation of the V1.24 ammo update, due to the large amount of digging that was required, but as that update was ~2.5 months after it's likely not the main reason.

Key LocationsEdit

Map 11121212
[hover to zoom in]


  • A common mistake on this map was for people on the defending team to dig straight down next to their spawn. Not only did this usually not help, but often was very detrimental to the defending team, as once the first flag was lost, the attacking team would have a tunnel at their new base that would go straight down into the tunnel the attacking team usually would have below.

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