MP5 (W1)Cost150 PotatoRelease Date14 March 2014MP5
Ammo22 AmmoDamage2.6Reload2 seconds
Fire Rate12.5 ShotsPerSecondPrecision70%DPS (short)32.5AutomaticYesScopeNo
DPS (long)15.2DWDPS (long)9.1DWDPS (short)19.540 Damage1.20sDPC57.2

The MP5 has a very high DPS, at the expense of a decreased accuracy and being one of the few primary weapons without a scope. Before the V1.26 update, the MP5 had a damage of only 2 with roughly the same stats, which caused it to rarely have much use. After the update, however, it slowly began to see increased usage, as it's increased damage became more common knowledge. While Famas users had been quite common, quite a few switched over to using the MP5 following the update.


  • Out of all the original weapons, the MP5 was the only weapon not to undergo a price change after the Version:1.5 [Confirm] update, which changed all primary weapon costs to Potato 150 potatoes and all secondaries to Potato 100 potatoes (since it was the only one that was already that price).

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