A Hit Box is an invisible region placed over the character model to detect real-time collisions.

There are two types of hit boxes.

  • Hurt Boxes - This is the region that determines whether the player takes damage. It is the size of the red ellipse (a little more than 5 blocks tall) when standing and the green ellipse (a little less than 3 blocks tall) when crouching as shown below.
  • Collision Hit Boxes - This is the region that determines whether a player can interact with a physical surface. It is the size of the green ellipse regardless if the player is crouching or standing. This becomes very important in some techniques involving Conjuration.

Approximate Hit box on the default skin with the default gun

The hit box is an ellipse. Two ways of telling this are:

  • Shooting a bullet from an M40 A5 along the tangent to the hit box, after determining it's vertical and horizontal limits on the player's model in-game
  • Characters that are standing on a corner will slide off rather than stay static. Since the hit box cannot tilt, the hit box must be an ellipse (since there must be some kind of slope for gravity to pull the player downwards)

The hit box of the player model is vertically halved when crouching. The head no longer counts as a hit box when crouching.

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