Glitching is the act of being pushed through blocks due to not having significant space to stand in your current location, or in any immediate adjacent areas. This can be used to get yourself through a wall, or even push an enemy out of your way. While not necessarily deadly, if performed at the bottom of the map, this can be used to push yourself or opponents into the void. Note that using glitching in this way is often considered in quite bad taste and should be avoided.

Glitching has a tendency to throw you to the right and downwards, and so any glitching manoeuvre intended to send the player in a different direction will often perform an elliptical arc to this direction instead. This is also why it is much harder to glitch to the left and upwards than to the right and downwards. It is unknown why this occurs, but may be an effect of repulsion from Point Zero.

Causes of glitching are often:

  • Conjured blocks by yourself or an opponent being conjured against you on the opposite side of a wall of blocks
  • Spawning inside your own wall of conjured blocks on a VIP map (assuming the VIP is standing in them when you spawn).
  • High ping (Glitching is less smooth and faster)

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