Famas (W1)Cost150 PotatoRelease Date14 March 2014Famas
Ammo30 AmmoDamage1.7Reload2.5 seconds
Fire Rate12.5 ShotsPerSecondPrecision90%DPS (short)21.3AutomaticYesScopeYes
DPS (long)10.4DWDPS (long)10.4DWDPS (short)21.340 Damage1.84sDPC51

The Famas is an automatic fast firing gun with high accuracy. It's a popular choice (especially among new players) as you don't need to concentrate as much on your aim, and can easily hit a target from far away. It also has one of the higher clip sizes, making it good for shooting through conj barriers. It has fallen out of favour a little after the MP5 had a stat boost, but it is still a good weapon when speed and accuracy are needed.


  • Before Version:1.5 [Confirm] the Famas used to cost Potato 1000 potatoes.

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