Game mode - domination

In domination, the goal is to kill all members of the opposing team. There is no flag or VIP, and all players have standard health. The catch is that every player only has one life. If you die in a domination match, you must wait until the round is over to rejoin. When a player dies, the number of players shown on the team (top middle of the screen) goes down. If neither side is completely annihilated, it results in defeat for both sides. As per normal, you must have shot someone within last minute of game to earn potatoes.

Domination roomsEdit

Domination rooms are special in that they use unique maps not found in normal rooms. You can join a domination room by either clicking the "Domination" option under the menu, or typing in /domination#, where "#" can be replaced with number (for normally accessible rooms), or any value for a custom room, even blank. Examples:

  • /domination
  • /dominationTest
  • /domination1, 2, 3

Current unique "domination room only" maps:

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