Desert Eagle (W2)Cost200 PotatoRelease Date14 March 2014Desert Eagle
Ammo9 AmmoDamage5Reload2 seconds
Fire Rate3.33 ShotsPerSecondPrecision95%DPS (short)16.7AutomaticNoScopeNo
DPS (long)9.6DWDPS (long)9.6DWDPS (short)16.740 Damage2.10sDPC45

The Desert Eagle has all-around average stats for a secondary weapon, with a high precision.

Unlike the Beretta 9mm or the Glock 18, the Desert Eagle is less suited to pressuring opponent's conj walls and more for fighting, due to its slower firing rate. Being of the bottom tier in the inner ranges, the player should build cover behind a one block conj wall before firing at opponents in order to avoid being shot by snipers in the process of dealing damage.

A reliable way to tell if the Desert Eagle is being fired at its maximum speed is to stand in place and hold down the crouch button, and then fire the gun just fast enough (but not any faster) so that there are no crouching frames visible. This is because the cooldown the game allows before a player can crouch after their gun fire is a third of a second - the time it takes for the Desert Eagle to fire each consecutive bullet.


  • Before Version:1.5 the Desert Eagle used to cost Potato 1000 potatoes.

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