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Damage, or Dmg, is applied to a character when they are shot by a gun or by using an explosive perk. Damage can also be increased / decreased through a player crouching or through certain perks. Applied damage is never random, but just sometimes appears to be due to decimals not being shown.

Base damage purely depends on the weapon used, and all calculations are based off of that. Crouching reduces weapon damage to 60% (e.g. decreases it by 40%), and certain perks buff or debuff damage done by a certain amount. All of these can stack (except with duplicates of the same perk), although it is currently unknown how these interact with each other.


An important part of understanding how damage is applied is understanding that damage can be applied as decimals. More on this can be found at health.


  • In the early beta, it used to be possible to be alive with 0 displayed health[1]. This would happen due to a player having a 0.x health left.



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