A Corner Jump Slide (CJS) is a technique used to maintain forward momentum which is faster than that of a regular walking animation. It is a combination of a corner jump and the physics of ground landing friction which can be used to achieve the fastest horizontal velocities in the game. It was formally introduced with the original name "Penguin Slide" on 8/6/14 into the EN community and may have existed among fortoresse veterans in the BR community before this date. It was later renamed "Corner Jump Slide" in recognition of how it is executed.

The CJS is performed by initiating a corner jump, and exploiting temporary icy landing physics in order to maintain forward momentum while prevent the player from falling to the ground prematurely. The player must not touch the left or right directional keys immediately after the corner jump, as the fixed speed of ground walking may interfere with the momentum gained from the corner jump. In addition, the player must land on as thin a ground as possible in order to prevent loss of forward momentum from friction. Due to the absence of this type of ground in midair, the player must rely on building short patches of conjuration under their feet as they travel, while jumping to regain vertical distance.

When executed at maximum efficiency, a Corner Jump Slide will cover the normal horizontal length of a map up to 3 or 4 times faster than a ground walking player would, and up to 2 times faster than that of a player using conjuration to boost themselves forward normally.

This technique is not to be mistaken as a series of corner jumps, as only one corner jump is required (the beginning).

Crouch/Duck Slide Edit

This is simply the CJS however the input down is made throughout the course of the motion. This combines elements of crouch damage and crouch jumping allowing for reduced damage and hurt boxes throughout the entire motion.

Corner Jump Slide via C4Edit

An easier way of performing the Corner Jump Slide is by placing a C4 directly behind you.

Before detonating the C4, it is recommended that you equip a Shelter perk for protection. You may detonate the C4 to gain forward momentum.

After this is achieved, the CJS is performed as instructed above.

While this may take a little more time and require specific perks, this is a great way to perform the CJS when practicing or if you simply cannot execute a corner jump reliably.

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