A block is what the majority of a Map is made of. There are 3 different types of blocks, with each behaving differently. Despite their differences, all blocks are squares with a size of 12 pixels. Conjuration is sometimes referred to as blocks.

Types of BlocksEdit

  • Normal - The normal type of blocks are those that appear when the map begins, and are part of a larger picture. A map image has a background and a foreground, with the foreground being comprised only of blocks. These are solid for everyone, and can be destroyed in a variety of ways.
  • Indestructible - On any given map, there are only ever 4 invincible blocks, which comes as 2 pairs of 2 (1 pair red, the other blue), and is the base of the spawn point. These cannot be destroyed by any means.
  • Conjuration - Also known as "conj" or simply as "blocks", conjuration can be spawned by all players, and has different affects based on who created it. See more about this on the Conjuration page. They can be destroyed the same as normal blocks.


  • There is currently a bug that allows indestructible blocks to be destroyed under certain circumstances. View the Crosscheck Mechanism for more details.

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