This section is a stub. Please help expand itNote: Names needed. Skins are away to customize the appearance of you character. While each skin must be bought separately (even for different genders), you start off with the default male and female skin, so you can switch between genders in the armory (even as a guest). It would currently cost Potato 9500 potatoes to buy all skins in the armory.

Skins offer no in-game benefit, and are purely aesthetic, and possibly to show off your skills. You will also emit slightly different sound effects based on your skin's gender when you are damaged. Note that the listed names are not official in any way. Click an image to see it larger.

There are also zombie skins, but these are not purchasable[Confirm], and are instead for the upcoming zombie game mode.

Male Male Skins
Name Cost
Image(s) Release Date
Recruit Free Skin0M 14 March 2014
Soldier  50 Skin6M 14 March 2014
(Unknown) [edit] 100 Skin20M 20 May 2014
Ellis 150 Skin23M 20 May 2014
Daryl[1] 200 Skin21M 20 May 2014
Rick[1] 300 Skin22M 20 May 2014
Engineer 400 Skin1M 14 March 2014
Bob[1][Confirm] 500 Skin19M 20 May 2014
Medic 600 Skin3M 14 March 2014
Governor[1] 650 Skin24M 20 May 2014
Commander 800 Skin4M 14 March 2014
Agent 1000 Skin2M 14 March 2014
Female Female Skins
Name Cost
Image(s) Release Date
Recruit Free Skin0F 14 March 2014
Soldier  50 Skin5F 14 March 2014
(Unknown) [edit] 100 Skin10F 20 May 2014
Jumpsuit  150 Skin8F 20 May 2014
Jill 200 Skin9F 20 May 2014
Maggie[1] 300 Skin16F 20 May 2014
Engineer 400 Skin1F 14 March 2014
Michonne[1] 500 Skin18F 20 May 2014
Medic 600 Skin3F 14 March 2014
Ada 650 Skin17F 20 May 2014
Commander 800 Skin4F 14 March 2014
Agent 1000 Skin2F 14 March 2014
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 A character that appears in The Walking Dead.


  • Forteresse-concept-sprites
    Originally some of the default skins actually appeared differently in the concept art shown on the game's facebook page. While the shading / faces are somewhat different, the biggest difference is the hair.
    • The 600 potato "Medic" skin (first on left) has long hair, yet in-game uses a pony tail just like the skin on the far right. The hair shown does not actually exist in-game.
    • The 800 potato "Commander" skin (second on left) is shown with black hair, but in-game has brown/dirty-blonde hair of a different style akin to that used by the skin 2nd from the right. The hair style in the picture doesn't seem to have an actual duplicate in-game.
    • The 50 potato "Soldier" skin (3rd from the right) in-game uses a pony tail, with the hair style shown not actually appearing on any skin (although with the addition of customizable hair styles it is now purchasable).
    • The 400 potato "Engineer" skin (2nd from right) in-game uses a black hair style. While not identical, it bares resemblance to the hair use on the 2nd skin from the left (it's possible these two styles were "switched" in a way).

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