AK 47 (W1)Cost150 PotatoRelease Date14 March 2014AK 47
Ammo31 AmmoDamage3Reload3 seconds
Fire Rate5.7 ShotsPerSecondPrecision85%DPS (short)17.1AutomaticYesScopeYes
DPS (long)11DWDPS (long)11DWDPS (short)17.140 Damage2.28sDPC93

The AK 47 has medium damage and fire rate. It has fallen out of use with the addition of the Steyr Aug. This weapon is for those who prefer a rifle with slightly more damage per clip and faster firing speed at the cost of a slight amount of accuracy and damage per second. Its accuracy is good enough to be used as a long distance weapon. The high damage per clip makes the AK 47 extremely good at dealing with large groups of enemies if the player is situated in a safe zone away from other players.


  • Before Version:1.5 [Confirm] the AK 47 used to cost Potato 500 potatoes.