.357 Magnum (W2)Cost200 PotatoRelease Date14 March 2014.357 Magnum
Ammo6 AmmoDamage9Reload4 seconds
Fire Rate2 ShotsPerSecondPrecision90%DPS (short)18AutomaticNoScopeNo
DPS (long)7.7DWDPS (long)7.7DWDPS (short)1840 Damage2.00sDPC54

The .357 Magnum has the highest damage of any secondary weapon, while also having a moderate precision. However, it has a very long reload, with low fire rate, and small clip size. While this weapon has many uses, it's very effective at quickly finishing an opponent off while your primary weapon is reloading.

When firing a .357 Magnum, it is important that the player exploits crouching between shots as much as possible, as it is the only other weapon other than the MP412 REX where the firing speed of the weapon is slow enough to allow for crouch frames with smaller hit boxes and reduced damage.


  • Before Version:1.5 the .357 Magnum used to cost Potato 500 potatoes.

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